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BOB THE BUILDER/Leggo Show,( Wendy,Dizzy), Hit Entertainment, Brian Little
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BOB THE BUILDER,( Wendy/Dizzy/Pilchard/Majority Female Voices), Hot Animation, Jackie Cockle
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BOO, (Laughing Duck), Tell Tale, Mark Taylor
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FIMBLES, Florrie/Ribble, Novel
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PLANET SKETCH,( Nose picker +various), Aardman Animation, Sarah Fell
THE MAGIC KEY SERIES,( Various Characters) ,Collingwood O’Hare, Tony Collingwood/Helen Stroud
ZOU, (Grandma, Nanna),
HONESTLY MUM,(Narrator), BBC Radio/Big Toe Productions
THE QUIGLEYS 2 series,(Narrator), BBC Big Toe Productions
UNDER COVER VETS ON ICE,(Narrator), BBC Radio 4 Go For It Productions, Philip Ardagh
DAGMARS FRIEND, Short Film, Ian Culbard
MY DADDY ,Short Film, Seed Animation, Curtis Jobling
STELLA AND GINA ,Short Film, Sarah Ball
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BT SUPERFAST BROADBAND, (Vo) Sun and Moon, Louis Jones.
AUNT FANNY, (Aunt Fanny) Sun and Moon, Louis Jones.

Audio Books:

The Carbon Diaries 2017 (Narrator), Audio Go
Star Makers Club ,Pheobe Finds Her Voice,(Narrator), Audio Go
Stunt Bunny Showbiz Sensation,(Narrator), Audio Go
Stunt Bunny Tour Troubles, (Narrator),Audio Go
Late Night Shopping,(Narrator), Audio Go
How to get the Family you Want by Peony Pinker,(Narrator), AudioGo
How to get What you Want by Peony Pinker,(Narrator), AudioGo
How to get the Body you Want by Peony Pinker,(Narrator) AudioGo
Stunt Bunny Medal Mayhem, (Narrator), Audio Go
Stunt Bunny Tour Troubles, (Narrator), Audio Go
How to get the Friends you Want by Peony Pinker,(Narrator) AudioGo
Monkey Business,(Narrator), AudioGo
The Land of Decoration,(Narrator), Audio Go
Pop,(Narrator)Audio Go
Butterfly Summer,(Narrator),Audio Go
Life according to Alice B Lovely,(Narrator),Audio Go
Binny for short,(Narrator),Audio Go
How Not to Shop, (Narrator), Audio Go
The Carbon Diaries,(Narrator),Audio Go
Shadow Runners,(Narrator),Audio Go
The Long View ,(Reader), BBCRadio4

Albums, Singles and other Recordings:

Duet with Clyve Waite, “Baby it’s cold outside”, Jon Birch, Flash.
The BelleFleurs, “Fleurting”, Andy Willis, Blue Rock Studios.
Vocal Works Gospel Choir, “A Soulful Christmas”, Tim King, AD Chivers, Real world studios.
BOB THE BUILDER, The Album, Hit Entertainment, Keith Hopgood
Charity CD Single “TurnTurnTurn”, GPOD, Clement Ishmael
Fimbles,The Album,Novel
Peter Kay’s Animated All Stars Band, Children in Need, Single, (Wendy, Dizzy)
Bob The Builder “Can We Fix It”, (Wendy, Dizzy,Pilchard)
Bob The Builder “Mambo No Five” , (Wendy, Dizzy,Pilchard)
Vocal Works Gospel Choir Album “Seven”, (Chorus,” Heatwave”(Motown Medley)