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Kate Harbour is most well known for her Character voices on many award-winning animations such as "Bob the Builder”, "The Secret Show", Aardmans “Timmy Time”, the Oscar nominated and Multi award winning "Shaun The Sheep the Movie" and Disney Juniors “Zou” to name just a few. Kate has also narrated a multitude of Audio Books and provided many character voices for Games and Radio Plays, including Charles Chiltern's "Journey into Space frozen in time" with the late David Jacobs and has been nominated for Best Female Character in animation for her roles in CBBC’s "Messy goes to Okido" at the "One Voice Awards". Kate also provides bespoke workshops to Drama schools, currently The Royal Birmingham Conservatoire and Rose Bruford College in "Voice acting for animation"


Creative Director Shaun the Sheep.

The great thing about Kate is that not only is not only is she a great and very professional actress, she also has a GSH. She’s funny. And that is vital for Shaun the Sheep. Even though she just bleats, her comic timing is terrific, and she can convey so much character and depth in a simple sound.

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I have directed  Kate in hundreds of VO Sessions for various animation series over the years. From Oakie Doke to Bob The Builder to Timmy Time and many more. Finding and creating the voices for different characters in different series has been a lots of fun. Kate can go from one character voice to another seamlessly, not easy when one is a human and the other a cement mixer ! Kate is hugely talented, enthusiastic, dedicated to her craft, a team player and a joy to direct.

Kate is the go-to actor for developing new and exciting characters in the world of animation. Her range and experience are invaluable. Oh, and she’s fun to work with too! 
Kate’s vocal versatility is impressive, with a range from kids to yummy mummies and evil villainesses! And the characters she creates all have wit, warmth and integrity. What she doesn’t know about her craft isn’t worth knowing...the mic loves her and we at Collingwood & Co. do too. 


Approved Home Studio facilities available - CONTACT Kate for more information